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csau, dn, cgca, cgcu, tkp, Achiever Dog, HOT


V Hopper vom Brachtpetal BH, IPO3 x SG Coxi Vamoz Bohemia BH, IPO1 

AKC: DN60573301

Czech Import

Hips: SV a-Normal

Elbows: SV Normal


Dentition: OFA Full Dentition

Cardiac: OFA Normal

DM: Clear (Embark)

MDR1: Clear (Embark)

ALT: Normal (Embark)

Embark Clear of All Diseases!

Frenzy is our newest addition, imported from the Czech Republic. She is a Hopper vom Brachtpetal daughter!

We have HUGE plans for this new girl in many sports! She is a spitfire and is so much fun to work!

Frenzy has extreme working drive yet a solid off-switch to settle in public and when needed. She is developing into a very solid sport dog with solid nerve, temperament and drive.

Frenzy's pedigree includes top sport and working dogs. Frenzy is 5,5-5 linebred on the famous female Orla von der Schiffslache, 5-5 Tom van't Leefdaalhof and a strong, top female Nike Eqidius. 

UKC CH, SG Hysteria Vom Eisenraben


UKC CH, SG Falcon PacHaus 2xIPO3 PDC-SD AD UCD URO1 JJ-N DJ TDI CGCA CGCU KKL x UKC CH Ptd. G Maika von der Liebenburg AD

AKC: DN45787404

DM: Heterozygous Carrier (N/A)

Carrier for Long Coat

Hips: SV HD a-normal (a1)

Elbows: SV Normal

Dentition: OFA Full

Cardiac: OFA Normal

Eyes: OFA Normal

Mercy has such a great personality. She is very handler focused, has high confidence and is very sociable with people and dogs.

Mercy has extreme hunt drive, high prey drive and great focus! She has a great off switch. She excels in every sport she does, including nose work, barn hunt, dock diving, lure coursing and protection! Mercy is training and titling in protection sports.


Mercy's 5 generation pedigree includes V Frankie Anrebri SCHH3, IPO3, ZPS1, FH1, FPR1, ZVV1, KKL1; SG Norbo Ben-Ju Slovakian Working Champion, 3x WUSV, 3x FCI, SCHH3, IPO3, ZVV2, KKL1; Kinte vom Sickinger Moorwerk 2x WUSV, SCHH3; V Uno vom Stadtfeld SCHH3, IPO3; V Gringo Bady-Ron SCHH3, IPO3, FH1, FH2; 

; numerous BSP winners (SG Pike von der Schafbachmuhle SCHH3, G-BSP, FH1, IPO3, KKL1; 1998 BSP Sieger SG Asko von der Lutter SCHH3, IPO3, FH1, 3x V BSP, V WUSV 2000 Sieger, KKL1i; V Quax von der Fasanerie SCHH3, SG BSP, IPO3, FH1, KKL1; BSP Sieger 1995 G Agbar Bethme V-BSP, SCHH3, IPO2; SG Etzel vom Stadtfeld SCHH3, G-BSP, KKL1;

and other mentionable dogs (V Eyko vom Morgelder Land SCHH3, FH2, KKL1;

UCH, SG Buzz vom Gildaf IPO2, HIC; V Puck vom Grafental SCHH3; SG Cor Derik IPO3, SCHH3, OPO1).

SG zaira fihrak
BH, IGP1, KKL, 1, 5Y1/P


V Vrisco Niox Ú MČR IPO, ÚMM ČKNO, ÚMM MSKS, IPO3, ZVV3, ZPO1, ZPS1 x Kess z Ivanciny zahrady IPO1, ZVV1

AKC: DN63620201

Czech Import

Hips: HD A 

Elbows: ED 0 

Spine: 0

DM: Embark Clear

MDR1: Embark Clear

ALT: Embark Normal

Embark Clear of ALL Diseases!

Zaira is our newest addition, imported from the Czech Republic. Her sire is the famous Vrisco Niox! She is titled with her BH and IGP1!

Zaira's pedigree includes top sport and working dogs. Zaira's pedigree is filled with famous working dogs, including several Champion working dogs such as her famous sire Vrisco Niox, multi WUSV winner and Gringo von der Mohnweise, Gero z Blatenskeho zamku, Policia and Pohranicni straze lines to just name a few!

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