Puppy Contract

Vom Drachenstern wants to ensure each of our puppies go to proper and adequate homes, where they will be taken care of and loved forever.


Vom Drachenstern provides lifetime support of all puppies bred by us. All breeding dogs must pass proper temperament and health tests.


If you have any questions, please contact us.





General Information

Each puppy we place is how we wish to represent our name. We would not place or breed a dog that we wouldn't be proud to own ourselves.


Deposits and purchases are non-refundable. Deposits can be transferred to future litters. 

Vom Drachenstern provides lifetime breeder support for your puppy.

Puppy Placement

Puppies are raised in-home and are exposed to many different environmental factors to ensure a sound, well-rounded puppy. Puppies are introduced to basic training and rag work around 6 weeks of age. Each puppy is tested for temperament, drive, and focus to better match each pup to their forever home.

Puppies are sold on limited AKC registration, which can be lifted to full registration after health tests are completed and dog is of breeding age. If buyer needs assistance whether they should breed or not, please contact Vom Drachenstern.

If buyer is unable to keep puppy under any conditions, the puppy is required to come back to the breeder. No resale of puppy in any way, shape or form. No refund and/or deposit will be issued for surrendered puppies. If transferring to family or a close friend, Vom Drachenstern must be notified before the transfer so we can ensure the puppy goes into a well-suited home. We have the right to refuse any transfer and request the puppy or dog is returned to us at no cost to Vom Drachenstern, including transportation. 


The puppies will never be harmed in any way. The buyer will not witness or put any harm on the puppy. This lasts for the dog's entire lifetime. No puppy or dog of ours will be placed or will stay in a home that is abusive, mentally and/or physically.

Health Guarantee

Each puppy leaves with AKC registration, microchipping, health guarantees, first shots, lifetime breeder support, a puppy pack including a toy and current food, and a copy of the contract.

We ensure the health and quality of each puppy before they leave. We will not send home a puppy that we know is unhealthy at that moment or unable to leave the breeder's.

All of our doberman puppies will have their tails docked. 

Vaccines to continue after the puppy goes home are the last set of puppy shots and rabies. After the last series of puppy shots, we only advise you continue rabies. We do not approve or advise to give Lyme, Lepto, or Distemper shots after the last set of puppy shots, as several research articles show several terminal illnesses can be caused from repeated vaccinations. Contract will void if unnecessary vaccines are given.

Puppies are to be kept in good health and are to be seen by a veterinarian within 14 days of coming home for check up and last set(s) of puppy shots. 

If buyer purchased puppy to breed and the dog becomes infertile, has health issues after 12 months of age or does not have the temperament to breed, Vom Drachenstern is not held responsible.

If your puppy becomes terminally ill or dies, we will replace with another puppy. Illness must be confirmed by veterinarian. This covers any genetic illness before 12 months of age.  

Limitations of Guarantee

 The guarantee applies to the original puppy only and is non-transferable. The puppy must be in good physical condition.  No replacement will be given for males or females that have been bred, neutered or spayed. Replacement is for an equivalent quality puppy. The puppy or adult dog must be returned to Vom Drachenstern. The owner is responsible for transportation costs to and from Vom Drachenstern.




*Vom Drachenstern has the right to change or update any of these rules anytime to ensure proper health and treatment is given to our puppies and dogs.